cultures and traditions, and their mix with the beauty of Italy offers to her discerning clients unmatched "Wedding and Event Experiences".

She feeds her knowledge attending the best training events in the world, as Engage! Summit in the USA and the Destination Wedding Planner Congress.

Elisa is also a renowned speaker at wedding industry or international business events; among others, she was Speaker at the Karen Tran Floral Experience, two times at Engage!Luxury Wedding Business Summit and in 2019 the Exotic W.P. Congress in India.

Elisa is proud founder and main teacher of EMEX Academy, the major certified ONLINE Wedding Academy in Italy, for high-level planning, design and destination management training. 

In 2015 she published her first book: "Wedding Staff", an excellent guide for future Wedding Planners. 

She now lives between Sardinia and Rome with her husband Stefano and their little baby Nora;she loves traveling wherever the job takes her, bringing in the suitcase her expertise and her smile. 

Founder of the first wedding design company in Sardinia more than 13 years ago, Elisa Mocci is a talented wedding Designer and Planner, recognized among the 5 Italian top Luxury Wedding Planner and Designer for ELLE Brides, in 2014 among the 80 élite Destination Wedding Planners of the world and recently "the greatest italian W.P." for Business Insider.

Graduate in classical music and letters, with a solid background in production and scenic design for Theatre, she brings her extensive experience in the luxury event industry since 2008. 

With a "sparkling vintage" personality, incredible creative ideas and the ability to elevate each event to a brilliant level, Elisa designs and coordinates Weddings and epic Events for discerning clients around the world.

Born in Sassari, close to the renowned Costa Smeralda, she starts her career in Sardinia as an expert at transforming wild or beach venues in incredible settings. 

Specializes in Destination Wedding, Elisa knows in depth the different 


Artist. Daydreamer. Wonderer​.​




I was a Scout Girl and also my parents and my Love were. This taught me respect for others, gave me passion for teamwork and training, the love of the nature.
I’m not afraid of solitude or big open spaces were I can feel lost.

I love travel, especially the journey.

My “home” is Stefano (named Brad), our little girl Nora, born in 2020, and our three furry funny cats. We live in Sassari, Sardinia. He was my first love. It is my eternal love.

tips about elisa

I realized one of my biggest dreams: my first book, “Wedding Staff”, was published in 2015.

My parents help me in the most challenging events (and with my baby Nora).
Love them, their strength and kindness!

I have been for several years a professional singer and theatre performer.
Sometimes I miss this career.

I design my beautiful events during the night hours.
And usually I have the best ideas during flights or driving my car.

I opened my society in 2008 winning a prize at “Who wants to be a millionaire?” in Italy.
I was 20 years old.

I celebrated the 10th anniversary of Elisa Mocci Events is 2018 with "A Story about Love", a big event in Naples that was my 1st International Masterclass + a Gala Dinner Show inside a Theatre (look at this fabulous event on my Blog).

"A Story about Love" is also the name of my Charity Project to support teenagers who are bullied at school to follow their artistic careers in theatre and music fields.

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Elisa's favorite things


My Love


Wearing fabulous dresses and shoes


Tips about elisa


The Forest

the Philosophy

"Have Courage & Be Kind"

Established in 2008, Elisa Wedding Dream is the first enterprise who brings in Sardinia, Italy, the Wedding Planner profession. Founded by a courageous intuition and created by Elisa Mocci after years of study in theater, music and event management, the company is today one of the most awarded luxury Companies, a reference point in Italy for excellent weddings and "Made in Italy" events for the incredible number of foreign couples who choose the wild and natural Sardinia or the amazing and historical Italy (Venice, Lake Como, Florence, Rome, Sicily among others) as a destination for their event. 

In 2012, after the first years of Italian and international experiences, including some important Corporates and Institutional Events, the company had its natural transformation, offering luxury “Wedding and Event Experience” to the most exclusive clients all over the world.

It was the birth of ELISA MOCCI EVENTS. 

the company: story

 "Now, we produce events for the most discerning international brides, private or Brand, in Italy and worldwide. In our decades of experience, we harmonize with expertise and devotion every kind of "wedding dream": from a simple and romantic wedding on the beach to the large millionaire weddings for middle-east, usa, AUSTRALIAN OR EUROPEAN couples. " 

In 2014, we signed in Italy the wedding of the year: Elisabetta Canalis and Brian Perri’s wedding. Our weddings are featured in the most influential magazines and blogs in Italy, Europe, USA and Russia. Have a look at the PRESS page!

We are actively involved in training young talents: EMEX Academy is among the most famous online and live school for future wedding planner and designer in Italy, boasting an excellent training offer based on the "long-life learning experience".

In 2018, we celebrated our 10th Anniversary through a memorable International Masterclass + Charity Gala Dinner SHOW: A Story about Love 
This is "A Story about Love"

Architect | Senior W.P. + Designer Academy coordinator

Slow-motion Perfection
Galateo Guru


Elisa’s P.A. | Financial manager

Excel Ninja
Caffeine Master
Deadline General


Established in 2008 in Sardinia by Elisa Mocci, the Company employs a highly creative, efficient and passionate international Planning Team with a unique and unrivaled understanding of the luxury Event Industry, under the direction of the Designer, Elisa.​ The Team now alternates their activities between Sardinia, Milan, Rome and London.

Furthermore, the Company boasts a staff of reputable producers, suppliers and production assistants who are fully-equipped to handle not only weddings, but diverse range of events from star-studded extravaganzas to corporate events.

We have the capability to create your “Event Experience” wherever in the world you may be. As an international, award-winning event management company, we are defined by our highly personal and creative approach.

What makes our work absolutely exceptional, and indentify ourselves in the events market, is the presence during the event of our "Wedding Staff": a team of highly skilled managers trained through a specific educational path within the ELISA MOCCI EVENTS ACADEMY.
In our headquarter in Sardinia, you will have the pleasure to work with:

the team

Architect | Senior W.P. + Designer

Pinterest Warrior
Self-Fashion Addicted
High-five Motivator


Teams favorite things

Challenging, nonconformist, strong-willed Projects

Luxury challenges

Christmas Parties

Nature and outdoor settings

Lighting design

DURING THE YEAR OF planning, and during your event, you will have the pleasure to work with our incredible Team of WEDDING PLANNERS, each one with almost 8+ years of experience in the event industry.