The bride, in Zuhair Murad’s haute-couture gown. The groom, in Tom Ford’s famous 007 white tuxedo. Together, the most glamorous couple I have ever met. They dreamed of the Sardinian sea at sunset. Crystal chandeliers, sky and stars as the ceiling. Antique lace, a touch of gold and “Dolce and Gabbana” garden roses all around. In the air, the funky sound of a sensational Paris orchestra.

In our hearts, a luxury glamorous wedding in Costa Smeralda we will never forget.

After the hard work of “A Story about Love”, I really felt like remembering some beautiful past events that we had not yet had a chance to show you, and I was reminded of the extraordinary luxury wedding in Sardinia experienced with Swiss couple Zsuzsanna and Lutz.

Winter is a time I particularly love, because I love taking care, in person, of the website and the blog. It is usually a long job, needing calm, a nice cup of hot tea and the desire to tidy up the thoughts and images of past seasons, before diving into future ones.

It was 2016, in Baja Sardinia, at L’EA Bianca Luxury Resort.

They dreamed of the sea, sunset. Crystal chandeliers, sky and stars as a roof over their heads. Antique lace, a touch of gold and “Dolce and Gabbana” roses all around.

In the air, the funky notes of a resounding (literally stre-pi-to-sa) Orchestra arrived from Paris. In the heart, an event we will always remember.

But it is not always easy, being a wedding planner in Sardinia. We have, nine times out of ten, to deal with strong winds that can turn at any moment, changing the tables.

“The day was difficult, although we were in the middle of the season, in July, it was cold. In the middle of setting up the ceremony gazebo, it started to rain and the wind was pulling so hard that it knocked down the tree installations over and over again, breaking all the pots on the ground. The whole staff, at least an hour, sifting through the sand to pick up all the shards of glass as the lashings of wind threw grains into our eyes. One of those rare situations where I thought, “We’re not going to make it, what do I do? Do I notify the bride and groom? Do I move the ceremony by two hours? Do we go with Plan B?”

And just as I was bent over picking up things blown away by the wind, the groom appeared behind me, looking very elegant, soaking in the rain. He had come down to the beach only to tell me, “I see you are all doing your best. I trust you. Take your time, don’t hurt yourself, when you are ready and the weather improves, let us know and we will start!”

I was stunned. It is just rare and unexpected to find people like that, especially on the wedding day where -rightly- the bride and groom think more about themselves than anything else.

It is very rare for them to understand how much effort and unforeseen events can hide behind a glittering facade. The sky, after almost an hour, opened and it was a beautiful ceremony. And in the evening, during dinner, Lutz came on stage and as the first thing, taking the microphone and in front of all the guests, thanked me and the staff for the incredible work we had accomplished in a disastrous situation. It was one of the most beautiful and unexpected acknowledgements of 15+ years as a Wedding Planner & Designer.

“Elisa is a very calm and very professional person with a good heart. They were very helpful throughout the whole process. She kept the budget we agreed and were no extra costs at the end. She really knows what she does and thinks about every detail a lot of them are details what we brides do not even know that are essential for our big day. 

It was for us a dream wedding and I can tell you we have very-very high standard, are very strict people both of us and both perfectionists. She hit our standards in every aspect, created a beautiful set up and decoration. I would choose her anytime again and would trust her work even more from the beginning”


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