After a few years, it was 2016, I come back to tell you about one of the most beautiful weddings I was lucky enough to realize. Literally “realize”, in this case.

A story to build, live and tell… this is the Borgo di Lu Puleu, a magical place that comes to life again to host a family rural wedding, that of Silvia and Alessandro.

The desire to revive a very strong family tradition in a magical and evocative place, a design work born by recovering original, old furniture to flourish again under new guise, in a rustic and vintage mood.

The Antico Borgo di Lu Puleu is an authentic stazzo Gallurese that traces its origins back to the 18th century.
The Borgo, over time, hosted several weddings of the owners’ family, of which there is still memory in the photographs and furnishings that can still be admired.
Lu Puleu finally came back to life in 2016 on the occasion of the wedding of the niece of the last “bride” of the hamlet, who attempted to recover its authenticity and agricultural vocation. It seemed like an impossible feat when Silvia expressed her desire to us, to make in a few months “usable” a beautiful but long-disused place, perhaps unsuitable for a celebration as we understand it today.

But we didn’t panic; on the contrary. I convinced Silvia and her family that we would make it together, reinvesting the wedding budget to bring a magical place back to life. So we salvaged everything from the antique doors and windows to make our tables and buffets, the furnishings, the stones and gates, the old milk cans and wooden beams. The tiles for serving finger foods. Every element of that place has come back to life-perhaps in another form-but no less authentically.

An old barn has become a ballroom or convivial space, topped with a striking wooden ceiling, and embellished with period furnishings returned to the village for which they were created, after expert restoration.
Hidden behind an old lentisk shrub and a few olive trees, a swimming pool is revealed, surrounded by stones.

The Borgo, in Perfugas, rises atop a hill that looks east toward Mount Limbara and its pristine valleys, and west toward the valley of the Coghinas River, which runs like a mirrored snake toward the sea, and then the infinity of the latter where the sun can be seen setting in a riot of colors. The Borgo dominates both valleys, giving its guests an evocative perspective.

And on a day with a beautiful sunset, we welcomed more than two hundred guests from all over the world, who for one unforgettable day experienced true Sardinian traditions, in an authentic and special place, like this family.

“This is a story that needs to be told… this is the “Borgo of Lu Puleu”, a magic place comes alive to host another time a family rural wedding: Silvia & Alessandro.

They wished to recreate an incredibly strong tradition in a magical and evocative place; a design work created by recovering ancient furnitures to revive in new colors and shapes, in a vintage and rustic mood. A really wonderful celebration with a wonderful family!”

The “Borgo of Lu Puleu” now opens its ancient gates to those who wish to enjoy its magic in the heart of Sardinia. Contact us for a private visit and discover more about this authentic venue became a refined Boutique Hotel.

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A rural wedding at Borgo Lu Puleu – plan + design Elisa Mocci Events | Food  – Chef Gianfranco Pulina | Flowers – I fiori delle Spose + Enrica Angel’s garden, Perfugas | Sweets – Piergiacomo e Michela Crabargiu | Props – Blanc Mariclò Sassari | Tech – Container Allestimenti