A natural chic wedding in Costa Smeralda, Porto Rotondo, for Beatrice e Mattia, dreaming an organic design in a private villa facing the Mediterranean Sea.

That early June a cloudy sky made the atmosphere of that day almost surreal. We were moving lightly among the soft, “neutral” colors of the beautiful flowers, of nature, trying to take cues from it to recreate harmonious lounges (or lounge areas, as we like to call them) and integrated it with the beautiful garden of the private villa, in Porto Rotondo, in which we were working for this destination wedding in Costa Smeralda.

The atmosphere was pleasant as it happens when one has the good fortune – and the ambition – to work with a team of excellence. Da Vittorio’s managers and waiters (the uber famous, Micheline starred restaurant brand), were moving nimbly among the tables and my Team, which is not afraid of challenges, was leaping from tree to tree to secure awnings, chandeliers, stringlights that would illuminate, several hours later, the dancefloor of the party in the inner courtyard of the house.

With Silvia, my sister as well as a talented designer in Elisa Mocci Events, we were happily wading through the iron structures we had designed together a few weeks earlier that would give a contemporary twist to the design.

“Framing,” not distorting or covering up our surroundings. That is our philosophy. And with this idea, every corner of that location, the portal of the beautiful little church in Borgo Marana, near Golfo Aranci, a banal entrance gate became natural photographic corners for the bride and groom and our guests. As if those plants, those decorations, those structures had been there forever.

When I think back to Beatrice and Matthias’ wedding, I think of the harmony of colors, shapes, materials, and ambiance that went perfectly with the natural elegance and sophistication of the family and guests in simple but incredibly beautiful outfits. Elegance is innate, of course. But it is also culture and good taste.

Surrounded by this delicate and elegant atmosphere, the sun went down giving way to the clear sky full of stars, which seemed to reflect the thousands of lights from the candles, the tables, the majestic fireworks and the illuminations created especially for the occasion to dance all night long.


Those who follow me know that I love to tell the “behind the scenes” stories of our weddings and events, especially when they teach us something.

To look beyond the appearances of an event that seemed perfect. To not let go, not even for a second, not even from 3 to 4 a.m. when the event seemed to be over and instead a hitch can always lurk around the corner – even when it’s not your fault, even when you’ve done everything possible to foresee and contain it –

And I, from this event, learned a lot. To get the whole team out of bed if necessary. To add in the 2020 contracts a “Shuttle Tranfer Management Service.” To make sure that “continental” suppliers who come to work in Sardinia do not bring their goods on top of a truck (because in the narrow streets of the Costa Smeralda you get stuck). That unloading a truck takes 5 hours, not 2.

And that even when you think you have crossed the line, from behind a hedge, you find the strength to get back on your feet and start again better than before, stronger than before.

Ps: as an aside, enjoy the Behind-the-Scenes Gallery of this beautiful set-up, created by my magical #WEDDINGSTAFF.

Thanks to:

Photo | Gianni di Natale Photographers (special thanks to Adriana & Pasquale) – Video | Alberto d’Aria   – Catering & Banqueting | Ristorante DA VITTORIO – Flowers | ARTEMISIA fioristi at la Menagère – Makeup & Hair | Valeria Boncoraglio + Eleven Hair Beauty | Fuochi – Enzo Campoli



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