I asked this very, very important question to my audience in Bali for the DWP Congress. A question that we often put on the back burner, busy – as always – with doing, and less with thinking about who we’ve become, how we feel, inside the persona we’ve built for ourselves. Especially in these last two years.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to give a masterclass as a speaker, to be able to connect personally, and more intimately, with the participants: among the world’s top leaders, planners, and designers in the wedding industry, from over 70 countries worldwide.

The theme I chose, intimate and challenging, was “HOW TO FIND YOUR LEGACY.”
And with the occasion, I spoke to my colleagues – and I speak to you who read me here -, for the first time in a year, about what happened to my company.

From Elisa’s Speech:

“Many years ago, during the very first DWP, David Beahm, a fantastic Speaker came on stage and in front of hundreds of wedding experts said: 

we are lucky.


D. Beahm


But OUR joy, where is it?

In the last years we worked so hard to take back what was ours that we may have left something of us behind.

And, personally, I realized that I was not so happy.

elisa mocci Dwp congress 2022 bali

And that’s crazy, cause honestly, I think I’m pretty good at what I do.

Let me briefly introduce myself: I am Elisa Mocci, my career was born almost 15 years ago from an intuition: I come from theater, so the idea was to bring “theater out of theater,” that is, to create spectacular moments of life in unique places in my land, Sardinia.

Sardinia is in Italy, an island full of wonderful places in the middle of nature. So I began to create outdoor events. “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are,” right? But locals none understood, and I began to attract foreign brides and grooms.

I was among the first destination wedding planners in Italy. 

I opened an office, THEN a warehouse, and my team grew to 12 people. The events got bigger and bigger and more challenging, we started to work in Italy and Europe and taking care of all the production I started buying PROPS, FURNITURES, investing year after year more and more, until I bought a big warehouse that could hold my whole world, opening the rentals division.

And then my baby Nora came, I was so happy and scared to finally slow down after this f****ng crazy event in Rome (look at this!)…and ten days after she was born, the Covid. The lockdown.

But I didn’t stop there either, I worked day and night nonstop to invent something new, to not leave any of my 12 employees behind. 

We bought equipment, turned half the warehouse into recording studios, and brought all our knowledge online, creating EmexAcademy, the first online school for wedding pros in Italy. While my daughter was very few months old, I was giving all of myself to keep everything going, while the world stopped, we never stopped. We did 30 thousand euros in the first week.

And when, finally our industry started up again, exactly one year ago, on September 22. 2021, this happened:

You know, in these two years, but especially when I stood there-after running away with only this phone in my hand-watching my entire world ON FIRE,

I realized that talent is not enough. 

That there are forces around us that we cannot predict or control. That after two years in which you stood with all your might, an afternoon of fire can take it all away.

I was tired, I had the perfect excuse to quit. I REALLY wanted to quit. I had to decide very fast what do to.

And one question was rumbling through my mind: Elisa, what’s your Legacy?

What is the story you are writing, what are you leaving behind. What is your ROLE, within the wedding industry?

And this question I want to ask you today. What is your role, within all of this.

Because it’s not enough to be good, in this BUSINESS OF JOY. 

We need to be happy. To find what our true calling is and follow it to the end.

This is the time when those in this room can CHANGE, the wedding industry. Take back that joy, redefine why you do it. Choose who makes you happy to work with. Choose to take risks if you feel it is the right thing to do. To turn your world upside down if you no longer feel it is yours. Because you still have everything to do it.

This is my wish for me and for you, to have courage: find your legacy, FOLLOW YOUR JOY.”

Elisa Mocci | Speech at DWP Congress 2022 | Bali, Indonesia

The Destination Wedding Planning Congress 2022, in Bali – Indonesia. Beautifully captured by PTaufiq Photography. The Gala event.

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