Oct. 2021 – Flying from Rome to Rhodes.

“Breathing again…

After these complex years, after the last few weeks that took my breath away. I took three flights, to get to Rhodes and start breathing again. Back to doing what I love, what I am. 

“Of course, you’re going to make it.” I repeat myself.

Even if it seems uphill, even if there are days when you don’t know which way is the right one. And never more than now do I repeat it to myself, “You’re going to make it!” Where to start?

From a point, whatever it may be. A sheet of paper and a pen. A list, an idea, a small step. Some inspirational music. Look for the right place to start again, the event to start from.

Big achievements, are based on big dreams and tangible facts, to build each day. Big dreams, but small tangible steps…that’s what took me far, that brought me here.

“You’re going to make it!” even if today is a bad day. Cry, breathe. Stop and start again. Tomorrow will be better.

“You’re going to make it!” If you believe it, go ahead. Only time will prove you’re right.

“You’re going to make it!” even when you’re left alone.

“You’re going to make it!” even when you’re afraid, you don’t know whether to leave the old road for the new, and you feel like you’re taking a leap into the void.

“You’re going to make it!” Even when you try and try again, make mistakes and get hurt, fall down and get back up because that’s what fighters do: they get back up and try again.

“You’re going to make it!” when you believe in spite of everything, when no money comes your way, when you wonder who made you do it but a little voice inside you tells you it’s the right way.

“You’re going to make it!” Because that’s what needs to be done, to keep living, to keep dreaming, to keep creating beauty from those dreams, one step at a time, one day at a time.”

7 years ago, I was invited to the first world congress of Destination Wedding Planners, the DWP. That event, changed my career.

I met amazing friends like the main planner from Barhein Aseel el Ansari, Monica Balli Events, Bjorn Labee from Venice & many others. I earned my first cover page in the local newspaper La Nuova Sardegna.

I was an incredulous young woman opening up to the world…now I’m an entrepreneur who will take that same stage tomorrow to inspire others.

Today I am breathing again, even though in the past few weeks, I lost everything in that damn fire. 

But to be here, to find friendly faces, to share this moment with amazing talents (and with my Planner Elisa Congiu), to be back on the dance floor dancing and hugging and laughing and crying together…it was to breathe again.

To feel, again, part of something I believe in, for which I have struggled so hard and which I honestly think I deserve. To get on that stage at #dwp was, for me, to start over with who I really am. From what I’m very good to do.

Now I have to go back and breathe again, deeper, and albeit with new perspectives, ready to reshape them. 

No, I did not choose it, but it is the way forward.

And there, in Rhodes, I realized what I really want to be. And I’m going to take my time and my space to be that.

“You’re going to make it!” ?

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DWP RHODES Host Partner: Mitsis Alila Resort & Spa | Photography Partner: Dimitris Giouvris Photography | Videography Partner: One Day Production

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