A month ago (June 2018), we welcomed new intern Emelie, from Sweden, to the office, who followed us to the event for the first time this weekend. Antoinette and Francesco’s wedding was an explosion of Mediterranean colors and scents designed by our designer Silvia Mocci in Orosei, at Club Hotel Torre Moresca with the support of Flowersliving’s beautiful flowers. Of this wonderful event, we will tell you more soon once we receive the official photos.  

Thank you Emelie for your wonderful testimony and your very personal take on the days away! 

“It has been three long days. These days has been filled with more fun and laughter than I have ever experienced working at an event.  As an intern at “Elisa Mocci Events” I had the pleasure of joining my first event with the team this weekend.

Working in Sardinia comparing to working in Sweden is different, in many ways. The relaxed and non stressful Sardinian lifestyle (as I like to call it, the “Sardinian-style”) had a big impact on event and the staff, and I loved it. I have to say that this is the first event where I could stop, see and really enjoy the beauty.  

The Wedding Staff (Elisa wrote a book about that!). Even though most of us did not speak the same language, we made it work with a mix of English, Italian, Swedish and a lot of body language.

With love and laughter they made me feel like a part of the Wedding-Staff family.  

One of my favorite thing during the weekend was to see all of the design, that I helped working on, come to life. It was magical. The design, the food, all of the flowers and the hundreds of candles that was lighted at the evening. Everything turned out beautiful and I was proud to be a part of it.

Working with Silvia and Elisa during the event really inspired me and got me impressed. I knew that they been working hard before and during the event, but yet they acted really professional, focused and calm. I could tell that they loved it!

In summary, I understand the passion of working with weddings since you have the pleasure of working with love. And I have to say that the “Sardinian-style” is the right style for me and I can not wait to do it all again.”

Love, Emelie

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