“I was longing for this same-sex wedding in Italy, to portrait the story of Nikki from Glasgow and Marina from Milan, for many reasons.

For I was deeply convinced that the marriage of Nikki and Marina would be so special. Although we only got in touch by e-mail and phone, it was crystal clear to me that I was dealing with two amazing people.

For it was in Sardinia, my homeland, for the first time. Those scents, that constant wind, that atmosphere coming from my past, would have given me inspiration and enthusiasm at the same time.

Then, because the wedding planner was not just a real professional, but my dear friend Elisa Mocci, one of the best in the world, an extraordinary and intense person, who I have the honor of accompanying towards a mythical, magical event in Naples this autumn.

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Alghero is a beautiful and unique city, different for its culture and architecture from every other Sardinian city for its Catalan origins. Marina and Nikki have chosen two typical apartments in the Bastioni area for their getting ready, curated by the talented make-up artist

Incredible atmosphere, almost rarefied, with a gentle mistral wind on a beautiful sunny day, that made colors bright and shining, as only in Sardinia and in Provence can happen.

The brides chose a magical place for their ceremony, the Villa Santissima Angeli Custodi, a typical Sardinian patronal house, perfect for such a symbolic ceremony, and the catering curated by Bellu between typical Sardinian products and an international menu.

A special mention for the bagpiper who accompanied the brides during their entry, so special!

For the portrait session, we had a short walk to Alghero, to the sea and into the old city, passing along the smiles and congratulations by the Sardinian people and tourists, who finally begin to get used to seeing the love that triumphs regardless of any stereotype.

The true great beauty of a marvelous union…” Luigi Orrù, Photographer.


Love Wins: same sex wedding in Italy | Marina e Nikki