Elisa Mocci – Speaker WIM 2023 – Firenze


We are the makers of memories. Quite a responsibility, eh?


In the chaotic world we live in, memory is a precious currency. It defines who we are, shapes our memories, determines future choices.

The Events we create, the Experiences we are able to imprint through our work, are the basic building blocks of a personal and collective narrative.
For our task goes beyond Planning written on an excel, a three-day room block at a Luxury Hotel, a menu tried and tried again, and a mise en place chosen from among many.
We are responsible for creating that memory itself.

But how does it come about, this memory?

WHAT IS THE ORIGIN OF MEMORY? From a desire, a desire that passes through experience, that turns into memory first personal, then social … leaving an indelible imprint in the history of anyone who comes into contact with the magic we create through the Event.
Through the Event, people – our Clients – express details and meanings of their lives that if we are able to listen to them, to grasp them, become storytelling through us, and thus memory.
The memory of an event connects people, conveys deep meanings and even serves as a source of inspiration for new experiences and decisions. Memory is critically important because it allows us to preserve and relive the special moments that helped shape who we are.
But are we really aware of how important our role as Wedding Planner, Wedding Designer, Wedding Suppliers is for our Clients?


Because a successful event, a happy customer, is a success.
Not only because at the end of the fair he or she will settle the bill, but because we will have left in him or her, in them – a trace.
An emotional impact.

EMOTION is what drives our Industry.

For event designers and planners, for ‘hospitality, for chefs…. understanding not only the client’s vision, but the emotion that triggers the desire to hold that event at that time, to travel, to choose a location with certain characteristics, is crucial.
The ability to be able to understand, to manage that emotion at every stage of the process, can be improved, studied, applied with enormous success.
It can take our level as entrepreneurs, and therefore our own personal and professional success, to another level.
It is a science, it is called Emotional Intelligence.
In the era when Artificial Intelligence is redefining parts of our work, Mastering, embracing Emotional Intelligence is what can make a difference in each of us.
But beware: working on emotional intelligence does not start from the outside, that is the end point. It starts from the inside. The first key is self-awareness.

“Knowing how to read one’s emotions and how they affect our behavior.”

And here I come back to the first question:
Are you able to put that emotion at the service of others-really-putting aside ambition, sales goals, superstructures for a moment to focus on what the person in front of you, the person you want to reach, is feeling?
Because it is precisely in that instant, in that deep connection, that you are beginning to BUILD MEMORIES.”

Abstract from Elisa’s Speech

Elisa Mocci – Speaker WIM 2023 – Firenze

WIM23 ✨

“Dream Seriously, Think Carefully, Act Bravely.”

What better quote than from WIM founder Tommaso Corsini to describe the emotions of these three days and what I bring home.
Perhaps for the first time in 15 years I felt like I really belonged. Because it is. A place where for the first time in the Italian Wedding Industry Light, sincerity, support, public and honest endorsement to other colleagues, attention to Social Awareness and People with their depth and complexity and beauty were Predominant Engine. Leaving no room for competition.

WIM is a valuable event that makes connection to people and territory its strength, and I am honored to be a part of it since the first edition and share the images – wonderful, by Studio Righi – with you.

We Inspire Memories.

What better activity than wandering around Florence accompanied by the most illustrious names and personalities of the Renaissance to discover the city’s oldest and most prestigious crafts? From master perfumers to tanners to medieval dances, this Team Game strengthened our connections and left us literally spellbound by the city and its wonders. What an INCREDIBLY ORIGINAL IDEA for a welcome evening for a destination wedding in Florence, don’t you think?

The evenings followed one another filling us with wonder, the first, in the center of Florence – at Palazzo Gondi – the second at Villa Corsini, in the tradition of WIM, wrapped in the warmth of a wonderful Team, crazy music and delicious food.

And it was an honor – and a little bit of a surprise – for me to see how many colleagues had grasped the intent and invitation of my speech:

“Memory must be cultivated. We must strive to push the boundaries, to dare with creativity and dedication, with patience, even. It is not just about creating extraordinary events, but about elevating the art of hospitality to a higher level.
Because the work of all of us is not just profession, it is the cornerstone on which the edifice of memories rests.
Here I would like to leave you with a little exercise, pick three people today. Talk to them, understand who they are beyond the glossy Instagrams, the stars, the covers. Read their emotions, ask them WHY they do it. And start building MEMORIES. TOGETHER”

They have done that, they have started to go deep, to have more personal conversations, they have sought out the People, before the Business. That, certainly, will come….

What more could I want? Until the next WIM!

When social commitment becomes concrete, heartfelt and shared wonders are born. And they can be born even in a peculiar and exclusive sector like ours, the Luxury Wedding Industry.

A year ago, I joined the Social Project @forwoomanity, funded by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, dedicated to 20 women under 35, to support their training, empowerment, overcome the gender&pay gap and offer a concrete opportunity to enter the job market. Including the incredibly challenging one of entering the world of Luxury Weddings.

It has been a year of great commitment for us and for these extraordinary women, many of them with young children, complex stories, a desire for redemption or more simply to find their place in the world and have a chance to spread their wings. I am so proud of you all. #RiseUpUnafraid. @emexacademy

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