Beyond the crystal clear sea and rugged coastline, surrounded by mountains and Mediterranean nature, there is an unexpected reality, a fascinating and unusual hotel, a world unto itself, in which Sardinian culture meets art collections, antiques and the most contemporary design. 

We are in the heart of Barbagia, a few hundred meters from the most beautiful karst spring in Sardinia, a small Eden of turquoise water set among the rocks, which also gives its name to the location where we chose to set our Styled Shooting.

The Hotel Su Gologone, born in the 1960s as a small refreshment in a hostile and unknown environment in the wildest heart of Sardinia, has now become one of the most renowned and award-winning destinations in the world for its charm and uniqueness, thanks to the work of its owner Giovanna Palimodde (and before that her mother, Mrs. Pasqua), a painter and collector but above all a creative soul who with her ideas has made Supramonte known to the world.  

During the first site visit, Giovanna told us about her studies and travels around the world, showing us sacred objects and ceramics typical of Sardinian craftsmanship, along with her creations, through which she elaborates tradition and innovation with painting.  

In the Art Workshops of Su Gologone, expert weavers give life to wonderful embroideries, from shawls inspired by traditional Oliena costume shawls, to fine fabrics in which yarns and colors find every right harmony.  

Finding harmony, indeed, was the biggest challenge for us; to realize a project in such a special place, to find a style that was in tune with this place rich in colors, art and poetry, was the starting point. In between, the idea of a Styled Shooting editorial that would see two worlds approach and “collide,” two cultures that are far away but incredibly close: in bright colors, in sacred and profane art, in the influence of the Catholic religion in material forms and ritual customs. 

Mexico, so far from Barbagia, and the dream of an intimate destination wedding in a place so rich in influences, gives sap to our creative process.

Thus was born an “encounter” between Sardinian tradition and Mexican culture, a floral tribute to Frida Khalo, an emblematic figure of this country, painter and poetess, who inspired us in designing the look of our bride, for whom we chose a precious shawl from a private collection, ancient Sardinian jewelry and modern macramé creations to adorn two dresses, for two moments of the day. 

The spring of Su Gologone, with its crystal-clear waters and its small stone church, could only become the natural setting for the ceremony; a wedding ring made from an embroidery hoop decorated with fresh flowers, poems by Frida to pledge eternal love, an ancient rosary in her hands and a shower of colored petals on the water, a memory of sacred and pagan rites.  

The sacred elements present at Su Gologone, including a vast collection of holy water fonts, inspired us in choosing the stylistic leitmotif of the various details: the sacred heart (or “Su Coru,” in Sardinian), a typical Mexican votive object, an ancient symbol of love, compassion, wisdom and inner strength. 

The ancient shawl, with the nuances of its embroidery, inspired us in the choice of colors for the flowers, expertly used to make the bouquet and the compositions that decorated the white lime corners and the reclaimed woods that create the iconic portals of the location.

At nightfall, the Azure of the walls, a typical color of Oliena, obtained for centuries by mixing lime with a blue powder, provided the backdrop for the dance of our bride and groom, accompanied by the Mexican melodies of a classical guitar and a carpet of stars. 

FRIDA’S LEGACY IN BARBAGIA: A Styled Shooting Created by @barbaraelle_eventscreative @marypiras_events for @elisa_mocci_events

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“It was mainly an immersive experience … being able to enjoy the beauty of nature and learn more about the traditions of this little corner of Sardinia.

Su Gologone bewitches tourists, but it also managed to fascinate me, who is Sardinian, with its stories and its varied and colorful world.

A shoot gives you a chance to experiment, to “go beyond,” to imagine fusions of cultures that are geographically distant and speak different languages, like, in this case, Sardinia and Mexico.

This fusion was the spark to create, together with my colleagues, something original that I really enjoyed because I madly love color (even though I often wear black!) but also mixes between different cultures.

“Because we are made of worlds coming together, colorful hugs and borderless loves.”

MARY – Planner e Designer

“During the year, we design and create events for wedding couples. Shooting represents a unique opportunity to step out of our comfort zone and go beyond the client’s request and need!

It is a stimulating experience that contributes to our professional and personal growth.

Through our work, we create beauty, play with shapes and colors, collaborate and experiment.

For several years, Sardinia has had the honor of being chosen as a destination for their wedding day by couples from all over the world.

We have the responsibility to make Sardinia known for the complex and fascinating cultural aspects, to welcome and cross more and more cultures in our incredible island.

SARA – Planner e designer

The Design part is for me, from a creative point of view, the most stimulating part of this work: I really enjoyed searching and finding the elements of union between the two cultures, discovering and choosing among Frida Khalo’s poems those to be included in the texts of the vows, testing the best colors for the invitation suite.

The day of the project realization was certainly busy, with some unforeseen issues related to weather and time management. If the design phase was a poetic moment, the shooting day was hectic. Temps were tight, clouds threatened us, the hours passed quickly, and coordinating the various phases was not easy. However, in the end, we managed to achieve the desired result.

My favorite moments?
The shots of the ceremony and the shower of petals that I myself dropped on our “bride and groom” after climbing a rock!”

BARBARA – Planner e designer

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