When you get a crazy request like this, there are two options: stay in your comfort zone and refuse to take a risk of working with a style you never have worked with before, or do not think too much and accept the challenge by getting into a mood you never experienced before.

Renato and Maria were our beautiful excuse to push ourself beyond our aesthetic limits. A smiling metal/rock couple of sardinian musicians, dislocated in London, with a “dark” taste.
They didn´t want a traditional event, but a celebration of their essence and their love.
We finally got an alternative inspiration board!, no cascades of flowers and shades of pastel colors, but strong elements and just one extreme color: the Black. Silvia, our designer (and my sister) asked me to follow this event personally, with a mix of fear and enthusiasm – she had a strange light in her eyes asking me to go over our usual style.

“I tipped on my toes into this world, a little frightened by the idea of ​​not being able to manage a design style so far from what I usually do, but I ended up finding a big part of myself in it.
Combining the strength and researching the raw materials in the most disparate places (hundreds of bottles of Jack Daniels with leaking wax and animal skulls are not part of our usual supplies in stock), we have created a unique event of its kind … at least in Sardinia (if not in Italy!).
The challenge was to combine the dark world to the wedding world, without being aggressive and without trivializing the very strong dark aesthetic.

Ozieri town would have been the background to this celebration, on the terrace of the Museo Civico Archeologico (Ex Convento of Clarisse).
Maria and Renato said their Yes in their own way, her eyes shining in her fabulous Vera Wang dress with dark gray veil, and Renato with a steampunk jacket and a guitar in his hand.

A violin solo, a wild arch with a skull in the middle, promises, they were laughing, singing, a bouquet in shades of burgundy and a row of beautiful black bridesmaids have filled one of the most touching ceremonies ever lived.
Sardinian and international guests were all together in the location “Gli Oleandri” that with great enthusiasm has welcomed this event pampering guests and staff, despite some initial doubt about the “total black cake”!

Renato and Maria, close souls also thanks to the music, they sang and played together before the party. Thanks to them, and to the joyful spirit of the guests, everything turned into a big party, made up of beautiful rock music, vinyls as a underplates, old-style lounges and tables … with black candles!
What I remember more, was the appreciation of the guests for our work, guests who obviously did not expect all this; we felt like an essential part of the event, they recognized how such a risky theme we managed.
Thanks to Maria and Renato for the huge trust … now I’m a bit ‘more rock than before! “


And thanks to Silvia,with h er talent she has been able to mix these two worlds creating something completely unconventional, which from day to day, has also “marked” Elisa Mocci Events more rock-chic (in small doses) than usual!

Credits: Wedding Design Elisa Mocci Events – Silvia Mocci | Location Ozieri, Sardegna | Photo @SeleneDessena