There are people who amazes you with their simplicity and harmony. This is what I felt when I met Donatella and Massimo a few months ago.
I were a bit worried, I have to be honest, since I rarely get requests for weddings by couples from my area, Sassari. My thought was that “no one is a prophet in his land”. I imagined finding myself in front of a curious but skeptical couple, but instead I found smiles, a sincere conversation and request for help from a confused couple that was ready to rely on me.
And it was wonderful. We did not talk about the budget, we talked about desires. The first thing that made me feel connected to them were their venue choice for the wedding: the Agnata di De André, in Tempio (it was my own venue for the wedding, in the wild forest of Tempio, Sardinia).
I decided to introduce these two beautiful people to my sister and designer, Silvia. I thought that her unconventional and smiley approach would be the perfect fit for them, and it was.
Finally, Silvia worked to create a project that she always had in her mind: a dancefloor with Persian rugs! Little did she know that the guests would like it so much that they spend all of the afternoon on these rugs watching the stars in sky, dancing and singing to the rhythm of a guitar.
Usually, after the wedding the newlyweds go away, their lives continue, the window of the wedding organization finally closes and the window of their life as husband and wife opens, and we, as Wedding Planners, are not included. This is something that I am trying to teach my young wedding planner students…
But Donatella and Massimo, you will always remain in our hearts!
We are happy to have met you, to share the same city and to see you again for a coffee and remember these wonderful weeks together. Thank you!
With Love,
Silvi & the Wedding Staff Elisa Mocci Events
Silvia Mocci & the Wedding Staff – Elisa Mocci Events

Thanks to our wonderful Team:

Planning + Design: Silvia for Elisa Mocci Events

Photo @Antonio Patta | Flowers @Fioreria Daisy | Bridal dress @vera wang | Groom @Bagella | Food @Grangala



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