After so many years as a wedding planner and designer (eh yes, next year EME is fifteen yo and I can’t get over how time has flown by) it is starting to happen that couples getting married are definitely younger than we are. 

But Emma and Andreas, two beautiful and always smiling Belgian guys, certainly brought a breath of “new generation Millennials” freshness to our planning adventure. 

That minimal but sophisticated generation, with the right accessories but without too many frills, who grew up among Pinterest, Instagram and probably TikTok. With a song list that, for the first time, I didn’t know and made me think “this is it, I’m not THAT young anymore.” 

A planning process that lasted a little over a year flanked by mom Ilse who, with eyes full of love for her first daughter to get married – and an eye rightly on the budget as well – walked us through the choice of locations and details of one of the most beautiful Costa Smeralda wedding weekends ever. 

The ceremony, a classic for people who know Porto Cervo well and love it for a lifetime, like their family, took place at Stella Maris Church, which dominates the Marina of Porto Cervo from above, and is one of the undisputed symbols of the Emerald Coast.

We chose together to respect the architecture of the place, with a native arrangement of Mediterranean scrub, olive trees, myrtle and small white flowers. 

After the morning ceremony, Emma and Andreas gave their guests time to freshen up, and then welcomed them to a private villa (owned by a very famous musician, but which for obvious privacy reasons we cannot name, this is Costa Smeralda…) with a wonderful infinity view of the sea. 

The design of the garden and marquee furniture, was custom created by us for them, inaugurating the new line of “boho-chic” furniture and chandeliers by Elisa Mocci Events. 

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