There are special people, who cross our lives (and that, luckily, we cross in our work as well), who are able to give more than we can imagine. 

Fleurine and Giovanni’s adventure began by taking a completely different direction than the one in which it later went: a small wedding in Sardinia, planned before the “surprise” of the pandemic. I had entrusted them to one of my Junior Planners, they had chosen a location that nevertheless did not seem enthusiastic at collaborating with us on this beautiful event (yes, unbelievable but true!). And so -as so many couples experienced in that unpredictable 2020 – we found ourselves in a “hellfire circle” made of contractual clauses, postponements, decisions to be taken. Such as: shall we keep having the wedding were it was meant to, even though we don’t know when it will take place? 

Their answer was: no. They had chosen Sardinia because it was Giovanni’s birthplace, and with the uncertainty about travel, they were not sure it was the right choice anymore. 

And in that moment, during a videocall that I cannot forget, between the serious and the humorous, I went with: “Then why cancel? We’re coming to France, I’ll follow you!” And there, their eyes shone – and a wonderful journey began when things took an unexpected turn. 

A dream coming true, for them and also for me: designing a wedding in a Castle, in one of the most distinctive destinations – famous precisely for castles: France! 

a romantic chateau wedding

“Le mariage c’est n’être jamais trop vieux pour se tenir la main et c’est se rappeler chaque jour qu’il est important de se dire

je taime”.

Le mariage c’est avoir une vision commune de certaines valeurs et une vision commune du sens que nous souhaitons donner à notre vie.”

In the design of this wedding, both Giovanni and Fleurine wanted to incorporate some elements typical of their countries of origin. As a surprise before the dinner, a Lebanese musical group – Fleurine’s country – surprised everyone with typical dances and songs, flamboyant costumes, and engaging enthusiasm. 

While Giovanni, on his side, brought a touch of Sardinia with myrtle, a typical drink produced on the island, and some typical music at different times of the day (including, at the end of the evening, “Su ballu tundu”, danced in a circle by the oldest members of the family, who hand down this custom). 

It was an emotionally rich day, which made me – truly – rediscover how beautiful it is to do what we do for couples who can perceive its deep value.  

To you, Giovanni and Fleurine, our heartfelt wishes for a long life together. 

Silvia, Elisa C., Elisa M. e Chiara – il Team Storico tutto in trasferta in Francia!

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