The Long Hauliers.

Focused, straight, and true, a panel of Pros with a 15+ years of experience each for understanding that it’s much more than time, it’s a state of mind.

With these premises, the panel that saw me invited as a Speaker on the RSVP stage in Madrid at Royal Casino, opened.

RSVP Madrid day3

“We never forget that we are Leaders, we are called to lead people, not just ourselves, in high times as well as in bad times.⁠

So we must always remember to ask ourselves, “Am I happy in this moment? In this role?”⁠…⁠
And especially we have to be physically and mentally stable to lead other people, to be able to inspire other people to be their best selves.⁠

To do this we have to be the best version of ourselves.⁠

Every month I try to ask myself these questions, “Am I doing this right? Am I a good leader?” … and I try to improve myself every day. Or at least I try to.”⁠

Extract from Elisa’s speech in Madrid for @rsvpclubofficial⁠

The past few days at the RSVP event in Madrid were particularly intense, with 200 wedding leaders we gathered under one roof to inspire each other, share crucial topics for the future of our professions, and (as always) celebrate together the “rebirth” of our industry after the challenging pandemic times.…

Along with enormously successful colleagues, I have had the pleasure of being asked to discuss issues crucial to the development of a wedding business over the long term. In particular, I was asked how I have responded to the challenges that the past few years.

As with long-term business, the first thing to learn is that things can go very well or very badly, and it doesn’t always depend on our will.
I try to anticipate the waves: for example, as a planner we know a few months in advance if the season is very eventful or if there are “flat” periods.
As an entrepreneur, it is crucial to take the initiative, and perhaps devote those periods to developing ideas, concepts, new business that can prove productive. The initial phase of Covid was the best opportunity for me: realizing early on that it would not work right away, I dedicated all the company’s resources in those months to record the academy content in a professional way, and create the first e-learning platform in Italy. Now EMEX Academy covers 40 percent of our revenue.

This 3-day summit was full of insights from the industry Leaders, and I really want to share the most interesting ones with you, because it doesn’t matter if you reading me today are a colleague in the wedding business or a couple of future brides and grooms looking for the perfect wedding planner…these are universal tips that are helpful for everyone!!

@colincowie gave a focus on the “power of apologize,” that is, how important it is – especially with high-level clients – to admit one’s mistakes and find a productive way to resolve situations, even when they “fall on our heads” and we don’t quite understand whose fault it is.
His book The Gold Standard is enlightening in this regard (and you can find it on my Amazon wishlist here)

@ceciny, the most famous brand of luxury invitations in the world, took us inside her story and reminded us of the importance of choosing one’s Team accurately, not in times of need or urgency (a choice that would lead to settling for first-mover or not extending the search thoroughly, paying the consequences later).

@tonibreiss and @marinalurievents brought to the stage the story of their collaboration on one of the most challenging weddings of the year: Trump’s daughter, with all that is entailed in the relationship of trust and mutual respect between two big names: working together, sharing responsibilities and credits, dropping some serious wisdom on expanding the business through unconventional collaborations and cultivating meaningful connections. 

Are you a wedding Startup? And if you too dream, one day not too far away, of attending these events and returning home with a a loooot of inspiration for your business and new friend, my “Get Influential” course opens the door to this world for you. DM for more info or visit!

Are you a Wedding Pro and want to attend next RSVP event? This is a membership-based event by invitation for a group of motivated and proactive pros. If you think you must be in, DM me to be introduced to the planners.

Of course, theme nights at RSVP are always crazy! What about “La casa de Papel” themed party?

We all felt part of the game and experienced a crazy evening… Look at the pictures below!!!

The Gala, on the other hand, at Four Seasons Madrid hosted the RSVP AWARDS, which saw Elisa Mocci Events nominated among the “Favorite Planners Europe.”

I experienced an incredible thrill (even though the award went to a British colleague, but the important thing is to participate and that alone is a huge accomplishment), then I presented the Award to the Best Band – and yes, I thought I was for a moment at the Oscars with that envelope in my hand and my grand evening dress…-

What an evening!…more precious memories to treasure in this extraordinary journey that is my career in the wedding world. #seeyouatrsvp

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Being true to ourselves to lead other people: Elisa’s speech at RSVP Madrid

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