Recently, a styled shooting is often experienced and perceived as a fiction. A “staging” of a love story. But believe me when I tell you that we had so much Love this day. You could feel it in the air, in the waves, in the clouds and in a small Lateen Sail Boat suspended between the sky and the water.
Valeria and Pierluigi were the perfect couple of “non-models” for a shooting like this, in a wild and wonderful place like Sardinia: crazy AND in love, alternative and intrepid. An unusual backstage in the boat shed, some rock shots “on the way”, an authentic Lateen Sail with ancient charm and the coralline coast of Alghero that has been the background to this adventurous experience on the crest of the waves! 

While on the boat we sailed searching for the sun. A wedding dress, by Jenny Packham, covered the tattooed skin and the bare feet; the naturalness of two lovers made this moment such delicate and passionate at the same time.
To capture this crazy adventure we worked with the sweet and enthusiastic Destination Wedding Photographer Ashley Ludaescher, known during my last Engage, Luxury wedding summit in Costa Smeralda. Eager to collaborate with Elisa Mocci Events for a special project that was, for her, highly dangerous! (the photos were taken in analogue and digital way by a moving dinghy that followed the boat from a small distance).
The sun – at the end –  never arrived, but the clouds, with their reflection in the water and the small boat between sky and sea, gave us pictures out of time and space, to inspire bride and grooms to choose this wonderful island for an authentic nautical destination wedding in Sardinia.
And, at the end, we feel adventure, passion and… authentic love! 

And you, do you dream of an adventure like this? 

PHOTO • Ashley Ludaescher Photo DESIGN • Elisa Mocci Events BRIDAL DRESS • Sardinia Atelier Piras1953 BRIDAL DESIGNER • Jenny Packham | int. agents Antonella Del Brusco GROOM• Flli Marras MAKE UP ARTIST • Sarah_ART HAIR • Atelier Antonio Pingiori | Tony’s Barber Shop CAKE • Barbara Lauricella BOAT •  Vela Latina Hishtar | Owner Giorgio Macciocu | Sailor Roberto Sechi  WINE • Akènta – Cantina Santa Maria La Palma BACKSTAGE VENUE • Officine Fertilia With the lovely support of Mary Piras and Barbara Lauricella