A dream of freedom in the wildest and most authentic nature, for Serena and Alberto, who chose to
celebrate their outdoor wedding in Sardinia with their closest friends from all over the world.
When they came to me, their enthusiasm and excitement were indescribable:

they had a very strong desire to find a magical, REALLY unexplored place to live an unprecedented experience. It was also a great challenge for us, who made wild Destination Wedding in Sardinia our signature.

Obviously Silvia, our main designer (as well as an avid explorer and nature and climbing enthusiast), was enthusiastic, and we jumped headlong into the search. After exploring wild and unusual locations such as lakes with small islands, small country churches lost in the wilderness, more or less viable granite quarries and archaeological sites, we found the perfect location in San Pantaleo, under an imposing Gallurese rock.

Today, looking at these photos, anyone thinks “how cool! I want to do an event there, too.” But the truth is that this was one of the most challenging events of our career, in one of the most difficult locations.

An event of this magnitude had never been done there. The baby goats were “waving at us!” – literally – and we had to bring water, electricity, bathrooms, security, clean up the area… in short: this wedding in the middle of nature was accomplished by designing the location from scratch.

Welcome to Serena and Alberto’s Sardinia destination wedding story!

While the Production team faced its challenges, the Design team by elisa Mocci Events faced a journey of incredible beauty alongside the bride, an artisan and lover of detail. For her, every nuance, every choice had to “speak, tell a story.” Sardinian art had to unveil itself and tell a contemporary story as part of the arrangements.

The design of the event unfolds radially under the stage, carved out of the Sardinian rocks on several levels and strongly desired by me-even at the cost of arguing with technicians, production and musicians to support this idea, which in the end was absolutely successful! – in the shadow of the huge rock, which will watch majestically throughout the day as international guests are surprised, eat, have fun and dance wildly as the sun hides on the horizon and the sky is covered with lights and stars.

Rattan, iron, wood, ceramics and loom fabrics the guidelines of the decors and lounges created for the relaxation areas.

Serena’s handmade caramiches in her @pianoterraceramiche workshop then blend with the art of Sardinian ceramist Walter Usai (with his iconic “wedding vases”) and wild flowers, napkins
embroidered helichrysum and handmade plates and underplates for the event, for a unique and unmistakable table setting.

The catering, signed by Michelin-starred Chef Bartolini for Petra Segreta, marries tradition and modernity by reworking traditional dishes (and a few months later they would pick up a Michelin star right there at “Il Fuoco Sacro”).

The star of the day, in addition to the bride and groom of course, was music:

we designed for them a pathway of exciting entrance, made of ancient and contemporary sounds with the harmonicas of Moses Concas and the launeddas of Muscas, surrounded by the scents of Mediterranean maquis and the colors of the earth. Can you imagine yourself here in the midst of this atmosphere?

As the sun went down, we welcomed two international artists: the Australian band Jeremy Loops, who literally shook the earth with their irresistible rhythms, and super guest Koffee, the first and youngest woman to win a Grammy for reggae, who was strongly desired by the couple.

An exciting gift, for them and for us, to see them all singing together, enjoying a show of music, surreal atmospheres, sounds and nature in a place and a night out of time as only Sardinia can give.

For us at Elisa Mocci Events, a Destination wedding among the most emotionally dense, a test of physical and mental endurance for five days of production under the 40-degree sun, for one of the most challenging projects of almost 15 years of adventures together… but definitely one of the most beautiful ever.

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