Is there anything more intimate and romantic than the idea of eloping to a remote corner of the world and exchanging vows of eternal love far away from everything and everyone, fully immersing oneself in that magic of “just the two of us”?   

This increasingly popular trend is called “elopement wedding”-literally, elopement-and turns the idea of traditional weddings upside down, focusing everything on the intimacy of that special moment.  

Brides and grooms who choose this experience seek the magic of a wedding away from the pressures and expectations often associated with traditional weddings.   

And it is precisely this magical intimacy that Liisa and Martin, our Estonian bride and groom, were looking for when they came to us for their destination wedding in Sardinia.  

Liisa and Martin were clear from the start: they wanted to exchange their vows of love in Italy, to remember their first trip together with the sea as a backdrop, to the notes of Ben E. King’s “Stand by Me.”   

“When the night, has come   

And the land is dark  

And the moon, is the only, light we’ll see  

No I won’t, be afraid  

No I won’t, be afraid  

Just as long, as you stand, stand by me” 

And while it’s true that “less is more,” in some ways -fewer guests, less expense- certainly the elopements don’t forgo detail: an explosion of flowers, colors, and hyper-customized details characterized the setup of the ceremony, and the table for two. Lisa and Martin immersed themselves in a setting that was as enveloping and nuanced as their story, reflecting themselves in the crystal clear water of the Baja Sardinia sea, and then enjoying on their own the magic sunset and that moon, which is mentioned in their heart song, began to rise in the dark sky illuminating a special night.  

On our side, elopements are a precious opportunity to fulfill the intimate wish of couples who come from abroad and design a special moment for them… On the other hand, they are more challenging than you might think! In the case of this couple, being able to find, in just two months and during the peak season, a location that would suit their needs (including a beach or waterfront overlook all to themselves) was anything but easy, especially with a budget that was not unlimited.   

The bureaucratic complications of a foreign civil destination wedding in Italy were then the icing on the cake: Lisa and Martin’s wedding was a REAL wedding, not a symbolic celebration, and this involved a race against time-and between embassies, consulates, and Co. 

Despite everything, we managed to overcome every obstacle and make their elopement an unforgettable experience: an explosion of colors reflected on the sea at sunset.   

Seeing their smiles, the astonishment when they saw for the first time that what we had created was even beyond their wishes, erased all the fatigue and anxieties of those months.  

Se c’è una cosa che ho imparato come Planner da questo matrimonio è di non farmi eccessivamente influenzare dalle emozioni, che non tutto quello che accade dipende da me e che la fiducia degli sposi non è scontata, va guadagnata. 

“Le tempeste finiranno mai? No, ma nemmeno gli arcobaleni”. È stato letteralmente il motto di questi due mesi.

L’importante è trovare il giusto equilibrio, proprio come i colori dell’arcobaleno si armonizzano nella loro bellezza.

Grazie ad Elisa Mocci per avermi accolto come Planner dentro questo grande Team, ad Elisa Congiu perché senza di lei e la sua esperienza e guida non sarebbe stato lo stesso.

Adriana, Planner at Elisa Mocci Events

Thank you, for your help! And thank you for the surprise of organizing then the flowers into our room, they brought us much joy in the next day and even yesterday evening ✨✨

Liisa and Martin, from Estonia

Planning & Design @elisa_mocci_events⁠ | Photographer Francesca Floris | Flowers @antonella_flore

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