“I think the fear of the Different is nothing more than the fear of being ourselves, of accepting ourselves for who we are. Fragile, imperfect. Balancing between light and shadow like tightrope walkers. Seeking, in Beauty, the Truth.

Elisa Mocci

This is a Story about Love”

“A Story about Love” is my world.
It is all I can give, as a designer, teacher, person, artist. It is having had the honor of building it with my international mentors, who joined me in Italy to write this story of Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love, and like me laid themselves bare to give, and receive love during my first International Masterclass, in Nov. 2018.

It is the only way I know, since forever, to tell a Story: through music, poetry, storytelling, colors, lights, scenes. A mixture of what was my life “before,” and what is “now,” with Elisa Mocci Events.
I wrote this Lifelong Story; it was the opportunity I had been looking for a long time to speak out, to shout that diversity – whatever it may be – is a gift that must be cultivated, cherished and defended with courage, because it makes us unique.

And that dreams can change a story. This is my Story about Love.

“A Story about Love” was born and grew together with people who believe in Dreams: thanks to all the Partners of this project it was possible to make it alive, tangible. Thanks to the thousands of hours spent by day, by night, in at least seven different time zones. Thanks to the time, energy, money donated and spent. To those who stayed with us and those who stayed behind. To the tears, the discouragement, the footholds of renewed enthusiasm.

Thanks to Cast of Elan Artists, to Josh for his generosity, to Brian for the artistic direction-and for the encouragement and extraordinary humanity. To the 50 actors, dancers, orchestral players who staged this dream with me. To Luca Magnoni for bravery, I couldn’t have wished for a better scene partner and I wish you to pursue this dream wherever it takes you.

To Giovanni Costantino, Blunotteventi for reading my heart and Davide, your patience and professionalism are rare and valuable.

Thank you to my Team and the Masterclass Students.(here the story of this adventure): wonderful creative, visionary, crazy dreamers who followed me on this adventure and gave shape to a desire in these days. We learned together how to put it on stage, without prejudice. I breathed – and I’ve been missing it for ages – the air of backstage, the scent of the trampled planks, the joy of a spotlight that makes your eyelashes twinkle and there (because you learn it the first day you set foot on a stage) YOU KNOW you’re on stage, and you can’t go back.

So many times during these months I thought about turning back, that everything was too big for me. It has been a very difficult journey, intimate and exposed at the same time, made of small huge victories and also ruinous falls. Investments and mistakes. But in the end it was TRUE. At the end of the day, I spoke my truth in the only way I know, through Art.


These are the key words of this extraordinary and True event that was “A Story about Love.”

Happy journey, to me, to all of you, for our darkness and our lights to be what makes us strong, unique, creative sparks that ignite positive messages, to whatever world we decide to take
our art.

With Love,
Elisa Mocci


This project was created to celebrate 10 years of Elisa Mocci Events, through a more intimate retrospective on why I – Elisa – have come this far. My journey in the Wedding world was born leaving the Theater and here I wanted to return, to pay homage and say Thank You. If I am who I am, if with my Team (whom I will never thank enough) we can do this, it is because from loneliness I decided, one dark day, to create beauty.
A Story about Love was a International Masterclass with 42 wonderful students, and a theatrical production with 50 artists involved in which I gave every part of me, making a dream come true.

As of today, and thanks to the proceeds from the tickets sold for the Gala, it is a Charity Project that will take this Script to high schools to raise awareness of bullying and donate theater scholarships to the most deserving kids.
This is A Story about Love, and I thank you – all of you, those who understood and those who didn’t, those who gave and those who took away, those who didn’t realize the message this project carried, and to those who got that message loud and clear and changed their perspective – for dreaming with me.


Behind the scenes of the Charity GALA DINNER SHOW A Story about Love | Elisa Mocci Events 10th anniversary celebration

An Event + Show created by Elisa Mocci Events – Luxury Wedding Planning & Design​

Philippa Craddock Flowers – David Beahm Experiences ​ – Marie de Vera for The Style Co

Gisena Morra Event Creator & Wedding planner Raffaele Maiello
Locations – Biblioteca Nazionale Napoli | Teatro Sannazaro

Elisa Mocci Events TEAM
Chiara Mosè Maestri – Silvia Mocci – Elisa Congiu – Antonio Pinna NOsound​ – Antonio V. Sotgiu

Thanks to Josh Friedman
Direction – Brian Shulze
Project Managers – Jill Evyn – Christina Rosenberg
Choreographer – Giancluca Conversano
Stage Manager – Benedetta Carpanzano
Party Band – UK Collective

Elisa’s costumes – Elisabetta Delogu Bridal Designer

LIGHT&SOUND DESIGN – Blunotte Eventi Sagl
FLOWERS – Philippa Craddock – LOCAL FLORIST Espedito Rusciano – Flowers Design
ALLESTIMENTI – Allestimenti Le Rose – Ciro Galasso Noleggio Allestimenti per Event

LETTERPRESS, DESIGN, PRINT – Letterink​ | PAPER – Fontana Grafica

Alberto D’Aria Videographer
Gianni Di Natale Photographers ​
Stage: Luigi Orru

CATERING GALA – Whitericevimenti Banqueting & Luxury Events thanks to Valentina Picca Bianchi
PARTY – Baring Barcatering | Antica Pasticceria Giovanni ScaturchioOpera Cafè | Birdy’s Bakery

le grenier de vivi​ | His Majesty the Coffee​ | SHERì Fur Hand Made in ItalyMarcello Pane​ Gioielli | #diormakeup #rougedior

Stefano Marras | Zuzu Birkhof Photography​ | YES Collective – Your Event Experts Sardinia –

Luca Magnoni – Alessandra Greco – Ivan Angrisano – Ballet Teatro Scuola Rossella Rossi – Giuseppe Congiu – Alice Monti – Carmine Russo​ – Antonio Riccardo​ – Rossella Manganelli Calligrapher – Emelie Esseli Tegebo​ – Giuseppe Cirillo


A STORY ABOUT LOVE | THE CHARITY GALA DINNER SHOW | for the 10th anniversary of Elisa Mocci Events