Sofia and Stas’ destination wedding fairy tale has the flavor of “timeless” tales. That beauty that involves you from the first meeting, simple and elegant smiles, a good glass of wine, genuine ideas.

The very young bride, originally from ‘Ukraina, founded her Boutique travel Agency in Washington, through which she had the opportunity to travel the world accompanied by her fiancé. And the idea of a Destination Wedding in Italy in one of the most romantic places in the world – Lake Como – could only crown their dream of love on the road. Yes, on the road… because it was precisely during a journey that lasted several weeks, up and down the length and breadth of the Belpaese – starting from Venice and then touching on the Cinque Terre, Florence and Tuscany, Rome the Eternal City, and then the charming Taormina, Ravello, Capri and Naples – Sofia and Stas stopped in Como to prepare for the fateful “YES!”

The bride and groom stayed at Casta Diva Resort & SPA, a 5***** jewel set high above the Lake. A unique place that exalts Italian excellence in a perfect blend of past and present, art and culture. In the 19th century, Villa Roccabruna-the heart of the Casta Diva Resort-was known as “Casino Ribiere,” taking its name from its owner, Mrs. Ribier, an eccentric Parisian seamstress who made her fortune with Milanese high society ladies.

With Sofia I experienced one of the most embarrassing moments of my Wedding Planner history, transforming, thanks to her sweetness and irony, into one of the funniest! As soon as we entered the prep suite, we hugged and realized that…we were wearing the same earrings! I immediately offered to take them off (the bride has to be unique and wear something unique), but she flatly refused, in fact she was so happy that we had them the same that she interpreted it as a sign of destiny that I had “very good taste,” and so by the time she arrived at the venue everything would be perfect. Simply lovely!

The newlyweds, after the ritual preparations, moved to Villa Erba, an immense property on the shore of Cernobbio.

Villa Erba, an architectural jewel built in the late 19th century, was the vacation residence of the Erba family. It was here that the great director Luchino Visconti spent many of his summers, and the villa’s rooms inspired the sets for some of his famous masterpieces, as well as being the setting for international films, events and music videos over the years.

The ceremony, simple and “charming,” was held by the side of the lake under a floral arch masterfully set up by Tearose, and remained very cool despite one of the hottest August days ever experienced. But the heat did not frighten the guests who arrived from all over the world, who enjoyed the cocktail reception in front of the villa while the bride and groom took the ritual photos in the beautiful park. The indoor rooms at Villa Erba, as the setting for the dinner and then the party, were a wonderful inspiration for the classic and romantic design, and a perfect setting to celebrate a very special union.

For me, as a professional, it was a significant experience that opened insights into the way wedding vendors work in other parts of Italy. My Wedding Staff and I were assisted and surrounded by wonderful and professional partners, at a level I would call excellent, and with whom I hope to collaborate again very soon. The food, the music and lighting, the decorations…everything was perfect and harmonious! It was, among other adventures, my first experience collaborating with Bottega53, who went on to become my wedding photographers!

I am very grateful to Sofia and Stas for choosing me as their Wedding Planner and Designer for their destination wedding, for trusting our advice, for taking me “off my island” to land on the shores of Lake Como to design a day full of charm and love for them. It was an event that I will truly carry in my heart.

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Thanks to: Photo Bottega53 | Video Luigi De Gregorio | Flowers Tearose | Catering La Fenice | Service Blunotte | Band Aurora Party Band | Local support Benedetta Terzaghi

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